Manage Engagement with Customers at Scale

Engage with your customer, and increase the conversion ratio.

Manage Engagement with Customers at Scale

The RocketSocials Inbox app was created mainly for bots to autoreply and auto moderate comments on social networks.

Inbox Feature

In your inbox feature, you get the ability to reply manually to messages. You will be able to see the list with connected accounts and with a click you can get the tabs with features available for the selected network. In the list with accounts, you have even a search input to search accounts. You can also use the navigation button.


The goal of this app is to help you to moderate automatically the comments on your Facebook Pages and send private messages with templates to your potential customers.

How does the RocketSocials Facebook Commenter app work?

First of all, you have to connect your Facebook Pages to RocketSocials Facebook Commenter.

Click on the button Connect and ensure the Facebook Page is subscribed to the Facebook Bot.

Select the categories for your pages (the categories can be created from the Private Messages and Suggestions Group page). Each Private Message or Suggestions Group should have a category or several categories. And the Private Messages which have a category or several which are selected on a page will be sent to the Facebook Pages's guests based on their comments on your Facebook Page. Categories help you to save time because you don't need to import Private Messages for each Facebook Page but just select a category.

Another way to use the categories is in subscribers. Every time when a guest gets a Private Message or a Template, the guest will be saved as subscribed and will have the categories which were used in the Private Messages or Templates.

The RocketSocials Facebook Commenter app has an interesting way to create templates. It allows users to create visual diagrams which are responsive and with lines in different colors based on levels. Users can see what will happen if their guests will click on a Template's link. Also, the app has an easy way to create templates.

Social Media Engagement Tool

How you can use templates?

First, create a Private Message. Select a Suggestion Group instead of a text response. Select the Private Message accuracy. Then each time when someone will contact you via Facebook Messenger, the bot will select the best response based on accuracy. If the response is a Suggestion Group, will reply with a template. Each template has its categories. If the guests will get a template from a Private Message or Persistent Menu, will be saved as subscribers with the template's categories. The Private Messages could be created manually one by one or you can import them with a CSV. Each time when someone gets a Private Message is saved in the Private Message's history which can be seen on the Private Message page.

On the Private Message page, you can see even the activity in a Graph based on the days and with 30 days limits. On the Moderate Comments page, you can create a list with keywords that will be used to hide automatically the comments. For example, if someone has a comment with 2, 3, or more words present in a keywords group, his comment will be hidden automatically. Moreover, you can decide the accuracy of keywords and you can import keywords from a CSV file. This feature can be used for posts and live videos.

On the Subscribers page, you will see the list of subscribers and their categories. You can select or unselect categories. Another interesting feature is the list with messages where you can see the subscriber’s messages and responses. On the History page, you will see the list with all conversations based on time.

You can use the search input to get a subscriber's messages. Each conversation contains the user’s question and reply. It has occurred an error, users will see it below the response. The Audit Logs page provides you with an easy way to see the activity of the bot. You can filter results based on your Facebook Page and see the list with the most popular Private Messages. The Facebook Pages page allows you to connect the Facebook Pages with several clicks. Next, you can subscribe/unsubscribe to Facebook Pages to the bot.