Hassle-free collaboration with the team

The centralized analysis gives the team to have an insight into the activities done by fellow teammates.

Hassle-free collaboration with the team<

In RocketSocials the Team's feature allows users to create their team, create roles and add roles for the team's members. For each role, the user can enable and disable permissions at any moment. Users can restrict access to features and components to their team members.

You can easily add permissions to your apps and components, which will be displayed in the team's role as an option. If you won't add at least one permission, the feature/component won't be displayed in the role's details.

Team members can sign in by using the user which starts with m_ or with email. The team member can't change the password or reset it.

You can disable anytime the Team's member status. You can block their account.

The Team member doesn’t have a real account on RocketSocials, it has accounts only in the Team.

Please remember, when you're deleting the Team's role, all members with that role, will lose their accounts. So, change the role for members before deleting it.