Do more on social networks in less time

Post content on all your social networks in a few clicks and enjoy the power of automation.

Do more on social networks in less time

Post feature in rocket socials is amazing which allows to connect to the most popular social networks and publish or schedule posts.

The Posts app has 5 sections:

Social Media Scheduler
  • Composer – connect social networks, schedule posts, get a preview (individual preview for each social network is an urgent scheduled feature that will be available in a short time), get accounts based on the most used in the last 30 days, get popular hashtags from Twitter or Instagram in a legal way and with RocketSocials Social Planner you can plan posts directly from the Composer’s tab.
  • Scheduled – create new posts for the selected date, see the scheduled posts, and delete posts. This section has a quick scheduler feature that allows post scheduling with a click on the date.
  • Insights – get insights for published posts. With one click you can get insights for scheduled posts, replies, and moderate comments. In the same section, you can get Insights for connected accounts, see the posts list, get individual insights, moderate, create and reply to comments.
  • History – here you can see all scheduled, drafted, and published posts. By clicking on the Details button, you will get the post’s content and list with social networks where will be published. If was an error, RocketSocials will show the error message and the user will understand what is wrong. From History, you can generate even reports for published posts.
  • RSS Feeds – allows to create a list with RSS Feeds, enable or disable them, search and delete them. By clicking on Manage you will get other 5 sections from where you can automatize the RSS posting or schedule only the posts you want. RSS posting has more options which will help you to publish posts as you want. In the RSS’s History, you can get information about posting and error messages. You can even generate reports.

Available social networks where you can publish: Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Companies (you need to be a partner), Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, and Google My Business.

RocketSocials allows to create groups with accounts and publish in all group’s accounts with a click. You can use groups with accounts in the Posts feature, RSS, Stream, and Social Planner.

Social Planner Feature:

Social Planner is the most advanced tool which can automatize the posting of posts on social networks. With several clicks, you can planify the posting of your posts for the next year. You can select the days when the posts will be published, the interval of two dates, and the interval of two hours. You can select the order of posts and limit the number of published posts per day.

With Social Planner you can select up to 100 posts for planification and planify them with several clicks. You can select both social accounts and groups with accounts. You can add unlimited rules for each planification.

If you have 100 posts, they will be published from 1 to 100 and then will start again from 1. And you have the option of random and selected posts will be published in a random way.

With this app, you can create new posts with images, videos, links, titles, and text. You can even import from a CSV file up to 1000 posts. On the calendar, you will see the planned posts per day, week, or month. You can click on them and see the details. Anytime you can delete the planned posts for an exact day or edit them.

Social accounts can be connected in the manager directly from the Planify modal. Same for groups with accounts. You can select or unselect them even for saved planifications. Posts can be edited even for saved planifications and you can create new rules.

You have the possibility to add images to a category, select a number of posts and multimedia category and the category’s multimedia will be added automatically in a random way to the selected posts. You can add/remove multimedia files in the multimedia category whenever you want from the Storage app.